Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sitizens Surprise!

As I was going through my other email account, I found this tiny bit of good surprise. I call it the Sitizens surprise 'coz apparently I got paid by TimTech -- owners of Sitizens just for playing this social game. 

Don't ask me for any strategies as I don't have one. I just joined this program when it launched, added the small button to my browser, then whenever I visit sites I simply remember to click on the .

Sometimes I find that the site/s have already been "kinged" by another player. At times, I became the "king" of each unique and new domain that I get to visit. Geez, I didn't even have any strategies or quota on how many sites I would add to Sitizens. I guess you could say that I just do what I do best -- trying to make money online. LOL! 

Here's the proof that I indeed got paid by TimTech for playing Sitizens....... 

Note: I edited out some vital details for security reasons.

There you have it! A surprise like my Sitizens surprise is sure a welcome one every day! I hope to get lots more surprises like it!!! ^_^ Till next time... ta-tah!


  1. Congrats on getting your first payout with them! Hope you get many more!

    Have a great day!

    Steve Goodwin

    1. Thanks, Steve! Yeah I'm glad being on Sitizens paid off. But I don't exactly know how I got it LOL ^_^ Who wouldn't want to get more of it, right? ^_^


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