Sunday, May 22, 2011

Association, Recall, & Personal Branding

Association (definition) - the process of forming mental connections between sensations, ideas, or memories

Recall (definition) - the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort)

Yes, I did begin this post with two definitions. However, I don't really want to go into lengthy, academic discussions over these concepts. What I do want is to mention them in relation to Personal Branding. If you're new and unsure what the term means, simply put, it is establishing your identity together with the products you are promoting. It could be adding your picture -- I suggest using a nice-looking picture --, your name or nickname -- I like using Rain (short for Raincrystal) as I like it and it's easier to remember and spell LOL --, using a favorite color, or coming up with your own logo.

As a classic example, the image on the left brings to mind a popular fast food chain. Even little children can recognize this famous brand. I'm sure you do too. ^_^

Locally, where I am from, this character on the right is the trademark for the most popular local competitor of the yellow arches above. Having an identity is truly important as it sets you apart from the rest. This isn't any different in Internet marketing. You would want people to see your picture and name on splash pages and associate it with the programs you are promoting. 

Personal branding is a way for people to know you, and hopefully to like and trust you. It takes time to build a good relationship with people -- online or offline, but branding is something you can start doing early on, if you're serious about online marketing.

Personal branding is just the start. You will need to go out there and interact with people, perhaps chat a little on traffic exchanges, read and comment on blogs and forums of interest. Just a little note or pointer though, it would really help if you be yourself and be genuinely interested in people. And since you would be promoting yourself, I believe it would be to your advantage to be tactful and mindful of your comments and conduct. After all, you wouldn't want to establish a negative association with your name or brand. I've seen some people getting a lot of attention by being nasty in their comments. I personally don't think it helps.

Another tip is to find a really good program and stick with it. Start small but be consistent and persistent. If you are to sign-up with different programs, try to choose ones that you would personally recommend even to family and friends. Remember, you're promoting with your brand so you wouldn't want to be associated with bogus programs and tarnish your name and reputation.

On a final note, I would like to credit Diane Merriam for inspiring me to write today's post. I've read and re-read her book, Branding For Dollar$ and I find it helpful and informative.

In upcoming posts, I plan to share information from e-books that I've read or been reading. Often times a number of us download these free resources but hardly read them at all. LOL! I intend to share bits and pieces as well as give my own inputs. So watch out for that..


  1. Rain job well done, Professor Cue Ball Clicks see's that you get it in a major way. Branding is a very important step in your Marketing Business. Remember The money is nolonger in the list, but rather the relationship with the list.
    P.S. I see your branded pages all over and they look great.

    Professor Cue Ball Clicks aka MurrayO

  2. Good job Rain. Yes you are doing a great job of personal branding. You are getting yourself out there and people recognize you.

    Diane is a great lady also....



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