Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Want to Earn More Online... (Part 2)

This is the second part in the series on PTCs. I featured three of my trusted sites in the first part. There are truly lots of PTCs out there. It seems a new program comes out almost every week. However, most of these don't last very long. I understand the frustration of spending time clicking for some months only to find your site gone so suddenly! Heck, I've lost some potential earnings to some of these sites.

This is the sister site of Clicksia -- featured in Part 1.

What I like about it: Same reasons I like Clicksia. Plus, I've been paid 2x already.

What I don't like about it: Only pays $0.001 per site visited, but ads would range from 6 to 21.

To join me in Incentria:


Despite being a 'bux' site, this site pays! In the past, it has paid me instantly. But I suggest you read more about it as my PTC reference site has put it on their watch list. It seems to have something to do with payments being double checked prior to release due to lots of scammers. I haven't requested payment in awhile but I'm actively maintaining rented referrals on this site as part of my experiment.

What I like about it: Nice site. Easy to navigate. 4 ads regularly per day - $0.04 guaranteed daily. Instant payment (have yet to experience delays). Rented referrals are mostly active.

What I don't like about it: Can't think of any, but I need direct referrals!!!

To join me in OnBux:

Highly popular site indeed. You can 'google' strategies on how to earn more from it. I've been paid as well.

What I like about it: Similar to OnBux, except rented referrals aren't as active; Price per click has significantly dropped to $0.001

What I don't like about it: Unreliable rented referrals. I need more direct referrals!!!

To join me in NeoBux:

I joined this site back in Sept. 2010. I must admit I was skeptical that it would last. Surprise! Not only is it going strong, but I've been paid twice already!

What I like about it: Similar to OnBux. You actually can rent referrals and they become your direct referrals. I got paid for a video I submitted for one of its contests. Instant payment.

What I don't like about it: Higher payout than OnBux or NeoBux.

To join me in InfinityBux: 

Do watch out for the Part 3.. 

NOTE for newbies: PTCs are a good way to grow your cash balance in order for you to invest in more serious marketing ventures. Unlike paid programs, you can start earning from PTCs even as a FREE member. You just need to be consistent in your efforts if you're determined to get quality results.

Spoiler Alert: Where is this blog headed? Definitely headed towards serious online marketing ventures. Take note of the blog title. Not everyone starts up with lots of capital on hand. Some of us do need to work towards it. If you have an offline work, well and good for you. On my part, I only have freelance tutorial that at this time adds help so that I could somehow finance the online marketing business I want. 

Useful Tip: Read and do look up programs before investing in anything. Recommended resource at this time: The Pizza Plan by Jon Olson. I wish I've read the book early on when I was starting out. Still I'm glad I have it now. It is truly a good read. ^_^

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