Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Curious Case of the Missing Comment

I was truly glad to have made my previous post and even more excited that it received a comment. Well, the commenter didn't exactly agree with my post, but I still appreciated it that he even bothered to leave a comment at all. I also drafted a reply to the comment. Then, checking it a day later, I wondered where the comment and the reply went?!?! I remember cursing when I didn't find it. LOL! Well, it's a good thing that I still have the email that was sent when the comment was posted. 

I still want to share the comment and my reply so I'm posting it here. Of course, I won't name the commenter anymore. Perhaps the person concerned didn't want it shown. Comment and reply as follows...


After being burned so bad in the autosurfing craze, I don't really like the idea of Paid To Click. I still think the best way to create an income online is to brand yourself and have people follow you into subscription products of value that they can use to build their presence on the web and offline.

I wish you good luck in the PTC's, but it seems that you are just working another "job", trading time for money.

Anyways, these are just my 2 cents!"

My two cents...

Hello and thank you for your comment. I've seen your posts and ads around and I do value your expertise. However, I would say that not everyone is born to be an Internet marketer right away. Neither did I have the automatic capital to start up on my online ventures. These PTCs, undervalued and undermined, have paid me and in the process, have set the pace for me to get into more serious marketing ventures. I haven't arrived at my goals, but I'm optimistic that I will be headed that way soon.

Thank you for your time and comment.  

I truly haven't figured out the case of the missing comment. But for now, I have better things to attend to.


  1. Rain~

    Thanks for reposting the comment! Don't know how you lost it or it got deleted, but thanks for your honesty anyways! Keep going and you will see success! I was just saying that I am not really a fan of PTC's because, like you say, some of them close up shop, taking your money with them.

    As long as you are persistent in earning and you have a goal in mind, you should do fine. Just remember the amount of work you will have to put in!

    As far as the blog goes. I don't know if Blogger has plugins like Wordpress does, but if you can get the plugin called IntenseDebate, it is a great commenting system that I think would encourage others to comment as well.

    I have it running on my site over at

    Thanks for your time!

    Steve Goodwin

  2. Well there you Go Rain. This person Steve Goodwin is obiviouly a man of integrity and this is the best kind of comment you can get one of experience. I share his opinion on PTC's however I use a select few to help me fund my on line businesses. Steve if you read this thanks for giving an honest opinion and Rain you know that Professor Cue Ball Clicks is watching you lol

  3. Hi Rain,

    I enjoyed your postings on PTC, I totally agree that they are a great source of income for the newcomer and with some effort provide the capital to venture out to more lucrative areas. As you said there are those programs that will shutdown so anyone starting out in this area would be advised to do a search and see what others are saying about the site before they invest their time and of course be very wary of investing money to the unknowns. Having said that, there are still the reputable ones that provide an opportunity to earn.

    To your success
    Shane Childs

  4. Professor Cue Ball Clicks~

    Good seeing you on here. I see you in TE Live all the time! Thanks for the kind words!

    I don't personally use PTC's but I am sure people out there are able to use them successfully.

    I try to check back every once in a while to see if others have commented back to me, I wish there was an easier way to get that information sent to me.

    Anyways, just wanted to chime back in!



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