Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Marketing in Internet Marketing

I got the idea for this blog from one of the "Internet gurus" I subscribed to early on. Along with the irritating emails that I still get regularly, I have received some nice tips, pointers, and lessons.

I thought of this topic 'coz I know that a lot of folks out there are still confused as to what the term "Marketing" truly entails. After all, we do hear the term a lot from Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, and many more.

Often enough we see ads promoting certain "marketing systems" and how successful certain individuals have become from using these techniques or approaches. Just as often, however, is the fact that there is hardly any explanation as to how the "marketing" in these systems really work.

Let's start from our concept of what "marketing" is. Perhaps a good point to note is that most newbies would probably be confused with the difference between "Sales" and "Marketing." Indeed, what comes to your mind when you think of these two terms?

You may think of "marketing" as research or those annoying people who approach you at the mall or call you on the phone or even knock on your door selling the latest product or service.

Well, "sales" and "marketing" actually go together. Think of them as team members that work together with a common goal or purpose of closing a deal or making the sale, bottom line of which is to get people to give you their money. And oh boy, we know that's not easy.

The function of "sales" and "marketing" is clearly to persuade and/or convince people that what you're offering is worth the price tag or value, that people are getting value for their money.

"Sales" is the transactional process of getting paid for a product or service delivered. Simple right? The slightly complicated part would then fall under "marketing" -- that of persuading people that your product or service is worth paying for or buying. "Marketing" then makes the sales process easier.

So then if "marketing" is the persuading part, then we should know that spamming, pitching, or selling your stuff to just about anyone wouldn't work. Instead, it might be more effective if you get to know people, find out what their needs are, then help them solve their problems and recommend only what you think would suit their needs. In order to do all these, marketing would indeed require a marketer to get in touch and interact with his/her prospects. How to do that is another story, perhaps a good topic to look into next time around.

Well, I hope this little post today has somehow helped clear out some confusion. I'll share more from my readings in the posts to come. 

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  1. Rain~

    Good post on sales and marketing today!

    The way I look at sales and marketing is probably slightly different than how you look at it though.

    I see "sales" people as the people that push the products with the marketing materials they are given.

    I see "marketing" people as the people who create the advertising that you see in the TE's, List Builders, Text Ad Sites, etc.

    Most online marketers have to find the balance of both of the sales and marketing side though. They have to create good marketing material of their own to go out and use to make the sales!

    Good topic! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Steve Goodiwn


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