Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Want to Earn More Online... (Part 1)

In the previous notes, I've written about preparing to earn online by signing up with payment processors and joining traffic exchanges (TEs) as a way to earn. In this note, I will discuss about Paid to Click sites (PTCs). I'm a bit cautious when it comes to endorsing PTCs as most of them have a rather short life span. This means some don't last very long. In my few months online, I've lost some potential earnings from these vanishing PTCs. The good thing is joining PTCs is risk-free. Yup! They're FREE to join. But of course, you maximize earnings when you upgrade and get referrals. I don't recommend putting in money at the onset, 'coz like I've mentioned previously, the site you joined could be gone tomorrow, next week, next month, or what have you. Also, if you've been paid previously, it still doesn't guarantee that your site won't go kaput. I've had two sites that have paid me before but are gone now -- Indoclix and Clixteria

I've done my research prior to joining my "older" PTCs, and I'm glad they're still good. I can't vouch for the newer ones, even though they've been endorsed and recommended by fellow surfers. Anyway, here's a good reference site if you want to read more about PTC sites:

These are the PTC sites I have at the moment and I recommend these sites to anyone who would be interested in earning online. To maximize earnings, be consistent and visit your site/s daily. After all, clicking ads on them won't take up lots of time. I'm sure the average person spends a whole lot more time playing on Farmville or Cityville. LOL! ^_^

One of the very first sites that I've joined back in August 2010.

What I like about it: The site has been online since 2003. That is a track record indeed! The site pays $0.005 to $0.01 per click.

What I don't like about it: On some days, you won't find any ads on it. But I'm still around 'coz I  believe in the site. Cashout is rather high $10. But this is just the same as other TEs that have an even higher payout at $25! Plus, it's like saving up till you get $10!

To join me in WordLinx:

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Next to WordLinx, here's another "older" PTC site.

What I like about it: Lower payout at $5. Recently added billboard jackpot contest for additional earning. Lower premium membership rate: $10 yearly or $20 lifetime.

What I don't like about it: There are days when you don't find any ads. Only pays $0.003 per site visited.

To join me in LinkGrand:

This is the 3rd site that I've joined. I've also been paid 3x already.

What I like about this site: Multiple ways to earn: paid to click, paid to sign-up, paid to promote. It also has traffic exchange. Payout at $1 only. This takes around 2days to get credited. You can "buy referrals" for additional earning.

What I don't like about it: Recent changes made it harder to replace referrals bought. Only pays $0.001 per site visited, but ads would range from 6 to 21.

To join me in Clicksia:


Do watch out for the Part 2.. 


  1. Rain~

    After being burned so bad in the autosurfing craze, I don't really like the idea of Paid To Click. I still think the best way to create an income online is to brand yourself and have people follow you into subscription products of value that they can use to build their presence on the web and offline.

    I wish you good luck in the PTC's, but it seems that you are just working another "job", trading time for money.

    Anyways, these are just my 2 cents!

  2. Hello and thank you for your comment. I've seen your posts and ads around and I do value your expertise. However, I would say that not everyone is born to be an Internet marketer right away. Neither did I have the automatic capital to start up on my online ventures. These PTCs, undervalued and undermined, have paid me and in the process, have set the pace for me to get into more serious marketing ventures. I haven't arrived at my goals, but I'm optimistic that I will be headed that way soon.

    Thank you for your time and comment.


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