Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busting The Myths of Making Money Online

At the moment I'm reading through this free e-book I was able to download, Cash Build Strategies: How To Earn A Solid Income Online. It's a 31-page book that enumerates the different legitimate ways to earn money online. It also features a section on how to market your online business. I would go into the details next time around, but would like to highlight a section in the e-book that talked about the myths about online earning.

It is no secret that times are hard and some extra income would indeed come in handy. For someone like me, the possibility of earning online is a welcome news. I have, after all, always wanted to work for myself, in my time and my own turf. It is, however, challenging to weed through all the online money-making opportunities available.

For most people, the word Internet is synonymous to scams and fraud. Indeed, scams abound out there in cyberspace, but there are just as many legitimate opportunities to explore. So let's take a look at some of the myths mentioned in the book. I'm sure you'll recognize them in some of the ads you have already seen.

Myth #1: "Make Money Overnight!"
Wow! Wouldn't you love it, to make money while you're sleeping? After all these programs make it sound so easy. It gives you the impression that little or no work is needed to set it up. 

The truth is... Most online businesses take time to set up and run. Be wary of programs that promise overnight success. Just as it is not easy to win the lottery, it takes more than a button to achieve overnight riches.

Myth #2: "Turn Your Computer Into A Money Making Cash Machine!"
Wouldn't that be totally awesome? I would like to be able to do that too. Again, be wary of programs that start off with this sales pitch. 

The truth is... The statement could be true. Most online businesses sell the business itself. Just be careful of those who would sell money making benefits more than what the program has to offer.

Myth #3: "Start your business absolutely free ~ No money involved!"
Look closely and read the fine lines of the program, 'coz it might be free to sign up but you might be asked to pay a certain amount for information on how to set it up.

The truth is... There will be cost involved in starting up a business, online or offline, but you can set a budget and work within its limit. 

Myth #4: "Start Earning a Living from Typing at Home"
I've seen a few of these programs. They do sound good. However, most of them do charge a fee to be a member or to start getting offers.

The truth is... I don't see the point of paying to get a job or offer. I've also read that you can research and offer these services to clients directly. You don't really need to pay to get the information on how to do it.

I'm sure some of you may know a lot more scams out there. Feel free to share them so that a lot of newbies out there would be well-informed so they won't fall into the trap of scammers.

Tips for Newbies: Do your research for programs that interest you. And when in doubt, don't! I think that works well offline, so why not online too right?

For now, I'm going back to reading the rest of the book. If you want a copy of it, feel free to leave me a comment and I'd be happy to share it with you.

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